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Since 1906, Ewals Cargo Care has been working on flexible, efficient and sustainable transport solutions.

Whether it is intermodal transport or the management of a supply chain, Ewals Cargo Care is your partner for every transport and logistics challenge. Taking care of your requirements is our business.

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About Ewals Cargo Care

For more than 100 years, Ewals Cargo Care has been providing the answer to your logistics requirements. With 1.600 employees in 12 countries, 3000 trailers and 400 trucks we arrange over 5.000 transports daily within Europe and further afield. Half of these are carried out using our intermodal Mega Huckepack fleet.

Today, Ewals Cargo Care is a fourth generation family company with an annual turnover of over 500 million euros. The headquarters is located in Tegelen, The Netherlands.

Our latest equipment innovation: the Mega Huckepack XLS

We constantly strive to meet the latest challenges in the transport market. The current focus is mainly on ‘QESH’: Quality, Environment, Safety and Health. Within the framework of QESH, our latest innovation is the Mega Huckepack XLS, where ‘XL’ refers to the European standard code for loading security and ‘S’ stands for ‘extra Strong, Safe and Secure’.

  • The unique construction of the Mega Huckepack XLS
    The Mega Huckepack XLS trailer has been developed for specific industries where the product tends to bulge in the curtain during transport, either by road, rail or ferry. The unique construction of the Mega Huckepack XLS ensures the side curtains are forced inwards to maintain the maximum legal width of the trailer. In addition, the special curtains of the Mega Huckepack XLS reduce the risk of theft of cargo due to the unique design of the tensioning systems integrated in the curtains.
  • Advantages of the Mega Huckepack XLS
    The Mega Huckepack XLS meets the latest market requirements in terms of load securing and safety:

    - The trailer is tested and approved by the German TÜV authorities.

    - The trailer can be quickly and easily adapted for cargo that tends to bulge during intermodal transport.

    - The system contains no loose parts, increasing the speed of loading and unloading.

    - The construction incorporates additional reinforcement components in the curtains to minimize the risk of cargo theft.

    - The curtains can still be easily opened from the side.

The Mega Huckepack XLS unloaded and loaded

Wereldkaart met Europees netwerk van Ewals Cargo Care

European Network, Global Coverage

With offices in 12 countries, Ewals Cargo Care has an extensive network in Europe and beyond. We work with a network of experienced partners allowing us to provide quality services both within Europe and on a global scale.

European network


Our services focus on two distinct areas of expertise. With our fleet of 3000 Mega huckepack trailers we provide intermodal transport by road, rail and short sea. The Mega trailer fleet provides high cube capacity throughout an extensive European network.

To compliment our network, Ewals operates as a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) and can manage your total logistics flow to achieve significant reduction in the supply chain costs.

Truck van Ewals Cargo Care op de weg

Mega Huckepack trailer wordt per spoor vervoerd

Intermodal Mega Huckepack Trailer Fleet

Cost reduction and environmental solutions go hand in hand.  Ewals Cargo Care has proved this by the development and introduction of the Mega Huckepack trailer. This 100m3 high volume trailer can be lifted from road to rail and on to short sea services to achieve the ideal multimodal transport solution. 

The Mega Huckepack trailer provides greater payloads and the intermodal opportunities to make it possible for Ewals Cargo Care to achieve our environmental targets and reduce our carbon footprint.

Become a Trucking Partner

To support our network we enter into long term partnerships with reliable transport operators and logistics providers.

As transport partner with Ewals Cargo Care, you can gain certain advantages in the cost of equipment, fuel and insurance.


The diversity in our transport partners enables us to provide solutions for every logistics challenge.


By our use of reliable partners, we can guarantee a reliable and flexible network.

Blog & News

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Tuesday 18 November 2014

In April of this year Ewals Cargo Care reported the decision to invest in 600 all new Mega Huckepack XLS trailers. Half a year later, we are proud to announce that the 500th XLS trailer has joined the fleet. ... Read more

Logistics optimisation: Bundling at the source

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Ewals Cargo Care is a fourth-generation family firm, with in Europe alone 1,700 employees. For some time now, it has been the preferred logistics supplier for sea cargo and air freight for companies that are members of MODINT, the trade organization of manufacturers, importers, agents and wholesalers of clothing, fashion accessories, carpet and (interior) textiles. Ewals takes care of freight from countries like China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.... Read more

MarPol in effect per January 1st 2015

Wednesday 29 October 2014

The EU legislation “IMO Marpol Annex VI” has been developed since it came in force in 2005. As of the 1st of January 2015 substantial changes will take place on the limitations of sulphur emissions of shipping and ferry companies operating in the so called “SECA” (Sulphur Emission Control Area’s). ... Read more


Overview of our vacancies

Monday 28 July 2014

At the moment, we have several vacancies and internships in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania. Below you can find an overview of the vacancies. ... Read more