Tegelen – on Saturday November 24th, at the annual Congress of TLN in the Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, Ewals Cargo Care received the TLN Entrepreneurs Award from the Minister of infrastructure and environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen. This year, the theme of the award was "Excel in ICT".

Ewals Cargo Care has further built on its innovative approach by the development of an optimization system ‘TES’ (Tactical Engineering Solution). "We think that TES has been an important element in awarding the prize" said Mr. Bart Dessent, ICT Manager of Ewals Cargo Care.

TES can work out the optimum transport network by means of ‘what-if’ analysis, and can take into account any co-loading synergies that exist between various shippers. TES can proportionally allocate transport costs to make the savings fully visible to each participating shipper. TES uses different transport modes - road, rail and sea transport and can generate the optimum supply chain design which is integrated into the Transport Management System. This will make planning by exception a reality in the near future.

The added value of TES is the significant savings on logistics costs, carbon footprint, efficiency, flexibility, accuracy, as well as speed of calculating compared with conventional means. Actual cases have revealed that a saving in logistics costs of 10-20% is no exception for shipperswith a complex supply chain.