In August 2013 Ewals Cargo Care added 100 new Mega Huckepack XLS trailers to its fleet. The new trailers are built to the 'XLS' specification, introduced by Ewals Cargo Care.

The Mega Huckepack XLS is a structurally stronger and safer trailer to transport cargo such as tyres, bulk bags and other loose products.The Mega Huckepack XLS prevents these types of cargo tend to bulging during transport, and exceeding the maximum legal width of the trailer. The special curtains on the Mega Huckepack XLS also reduce the risk of cargo theft.

In 2013 there will be added 250 Mega Huckepack XLS trailers to the fleet of Ewals Cargo Care.

Mega Huckepack XLS
Extra Strong, Safe and Secure