Dinalog, the ‘Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics’, was established in 2009 by the Dutch government in order to promote innovation in logistics and supply chain management. Innovation is made much easier when companies, the government and centres of excellence can work together in one place - the Dinalog New Business Hub in Breda.

At the Dinalog New Business Hub, the various parties are working together to achieve one main goal:  to ensure the Netherlands will be the European market leader in control and coordination of transnational flows of goods by 2020. This can only be achieved by innovation and cooperation between transport providers in all sectors; rail, road, air and sea, and between researchers and logistics professionals across multiple supply chains.

On October 1st 2011, Ewals Cargo Care opened its office at Dinalog, to encourage and promote the Dinalog initiative. The logistics engineers of Ewals Cargo Care aim to:

• Create supply chain innovation in cooperation with other companies. 
• Establish a close link with Dinalog and its projects.
• Create sharing of knowledge between participating companies.


Projects in which Ewals Cargo Care participate
Ewals Cargo Care takes an active role in creating and maintaining close  links with companies and projects linked to Dinalog. For example, Ewals Cargo Care and Modint (the best known trade association of manufacturers, importers, agents and wholesalers of clothing, fashion accessories, carpets and (interior) textiles in the Netherlands) play an active role in a new project called ‘Bundling at Source Location’.

In this project, a range of suppliers, and members of Modint, work alongside Ewals Cargo Care. Individual shipments are delivered to strategic cross dock locations in Asia. Ewals Cargo Care picks, packs and bundles consignments, and consolidates the load into containers – a ‘consol box’.

The consol boxes of ‘multi mixed shipments’ are shipped to Europe, and Ewals Cargo Care arranges further distribution to the end-users of the Modint members.


For more information about Dinalog and the projects Ewals Cargo Care participates in, you can visit the Dinalog website or you can email Marc Mous, Manager Sales Engineering & Sustainability, Ewals Cargo Care (T: +31 (0) 77 3202 402)