At Ewals Cargo Care, we aim to find the best modalities to move your loads. With our own fleet of 3,000 Mega Huckepack trailers, we operate throughout an intermodal network of European road, rail and short sea connections to deliver your cargo as efficient and sustainable as possible.

In cooperation with VIIA Lorry Rail, we offer transports by rail. By using this intermodal solution, you can substantially lower your CO2 emissions by around 80%. For example; emissions on a transport between Bettembourg (Luxembourg) and Le Boulou (France):

  • 1 Tonne CO2 equivalent by road.
  • 0.2 Tonne CO2 equivalent with the Lorry Rail service.

Various customers take advantage of our intermodal services and lower their carbon footprint. Some Ewals Cargo Care customers make extensive use of the VIIA Lorry Rail services and therefore VIIA and Ewals Cargo Care reward them with a CO2 Saver Certificate. This certificate proves that they have substantially reduced their carbon footprint.