The qualification rounds for The Fresh Connection took place in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands on Thursday April 18th. First, the Ewals Cargo Care team participated in a workshop to learn about this challenging game. After an extensive introduction the team played three qualification rounds of the management challenge.

During each round important decisions had to be taken. Each decision had a significant impact on other disciplines within The Fresh Connection and had influence on the final ROI. Joris Huijs, Supply Chain Manager of ‘TFC’: ‘In each round, we had one hour to implement our decisions. Therefore the pressure to perform was very high, as each team member received a lot of information and all information within the team has to be aligned with each other. In the first round we didn’t change a lot so we could see what impact our decisions would have on the ROI.’

After playing the first rounds a positive ROI was already achieved meaning that the Ewals Cargo Care TFC team is directly qualified for the national rounds.

The three national rounds of The Fresh Connection will start next week, each of which takes two weeks to complete.