The warehouse and logistics services of Ewals Cargo Care are directly integrated into a global transport network to provide a seamless flow of cargo from collection to final delivery. With the extensive cross-dock network throughout Europe, Ewals Cargo Care strives to add value in transit that will turn shipments from just stock into a strategic part of a supply chain.

Warehouse Genk, one of the logistics service centers of Ewals Cargo CareFrom the central logistics service center in Genk (Belgium), Ewals Cargo Care offers central and regional distribution activities in Europe. In the current set-up, the warehouse is a multi-client, bonded warehouse where customers are divided into public and dedicated warehousing. The public warehouse-area stores and delivers value added services for multiple industries like beverage and seasonal warehousing. Since the beginning of this year, a sprinkler system is adjusted which enables the storage of specific commodity classification (Class IV); products that need high fire protection, such as tires.

Characteristics and services of the Genk warehouse:

  • Central Distribution Centre with line-hauls to European Cross Docks delivering Europe within 72 hours.
  • Regional Distribution Centre with direct distribution to the Benelux and Ruhr area.
  • Value Added Services: packing, picking, assembling and sequencing.
  • Storage of specific Class IV type of products.
  • Bonded warehouse (customs clearance, import-duties payable on goods sales).
  • Intermodal connection, one of the few warehouses in the region.


Contact information
For more information about the warehousing activities and logistics services of Ewals Cargo Care, please contact Geert Geurts specialist in logistics capabilities.