On Saturday August the 22nd, on the premises of our customer Johnson Controls Power Solutions in Hannover, we took part in a test of securing atypical goods (powerframe spools) on an Ewals Cargo Care trailer under the supervision of the german certification company Dekra.

Due to cost savings and maximal utilization of trailers, the customer Johnson Controls is considering combining 2 types of materials on one load unit/trailer. On selected routes, they are planning to transport the heavy powerframe spools combined with light plastics, which would fill out the remaining space in the trailer.

Johnson Controls 1

Because Ewals Cargo Care is a valuable and strategic partner for Johnson Controls Power Solutions, we were asked if we could provide suitable equipment for this test. Patrick van Alphen (Fleet Control) helped with the calculation of the suitable placing of the goods in the trailer. The specialists from Dekra suggested to secure the goods by using straps and anti-slip mats. 

Johnson Controls - Dekra test 1 20150822_102022

For the purpose of testing a fourth axle has been added to the trailer to ensure that it doesn't rollover (by driving through sharp turns at high speed). After that, several testing rides have been performed focusing mainly on hard breaking and the already mentioned sharp turns (even with partialy switched off ESP). All tests have been successful and the customer received an official approval that the stated system of securing goods is sufficient and that Johnson Controls Power Solutions can begin with the first combined transports of lead and plastics. Most probably the first projects of these combined transports will be in Spain.