On Thursday the 12th of March, for the first time ever, a full trailer of tyres was shipped in a curtain-sided trailer on the Lorry-rail train service between Bettembourg in Luxembourg and Le Boulou in the South of France.

Until now, shipping tyres in curtain trailers by train has been impossible due to the cargo bulging in transit, resulting in it becoming over-width for the rail service. This in turn resulted in the trailer being rejected from being loaded on the train.

People At Lorryrail  Test 

The Mega Huckepack XLS trailer which Ewals Cargo Care launched two years ago has solved this problem. The XLS combines reinforced and easily modified side curtains, with no loose parts. It  has proved to be an ideal solution for road transport and is now expected to be the top choice by rail as well. For the first trial, the trailer was completely loaded with brand new tires from Ewals long-standing customer Goodyear.

Now that the first trial load has been shipped, and the rail authorities have given its approval, this opens the way to move both tyres and other potentially bulging loads using the Mega Huckepack XLS trailer as a European rail solution, and for this latest development in trailer design to outperform its competitors when it comes to efficiency and safety. 

See it for yourself: The XLS Mega Huckepack trailer will be on display during the Transport Logistic Fair in Munich (5-8 May) in the corridor between hall A5 and hall A6. Also, several specialists from our Fleet department will be present, ready to give you a full tour in and around the trailer which will be loaded with tyres. You can find our stand in hall A5, position 326. 

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