On the 23rd October, French railway operator VIIA officially opened the rail connection “VIIA Britanica”. The new route connecting the port of Calais with the Le Boulou terminal in Perpignan, will be operational in January 2016.

VIIA has been a reliable partner for Ewals Cargo Care for several years and around 8.000 of our trailers are loaded on the Lorryrail, Bettembourg - Le Boulou every year. Ewals Cargo Care has high expectations for the new rail freight service as it offers our clients an additional route in our large intermodal network. The new route is an important link in our connection between Spain and Sweden and from Southern France and North-East Spain to the UK.

Increasing the amount of rail services throughout Europe has been a strategic decision for Ewals Cargo Care, providing a more sustainable and time/cost-efficient transport solution and reducing CO² emissions. 

Calais Calais2
Calais Intermodal Network Map  Calais 3