As of 1st April 2016, a new distance-based toll system will be introduced in Belgium. The kilometer charge will be effective for all vehicles exceeding a total weight of 3,5 tons, leading to cost increases for transports crossing Belgium.

The objective of the new kilometer toll system is to encourage the reduction and optimization of road usage by heavy load vehicles and additionally to finance a better road infrastructure. The new toll system will be applicable for the regions of Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels and will be valid on national highways and motorways of the previous Eurovignette route network. The time-based Eurovignette will no longer be applicable in Belgium as of April 2016 and will be replaced by a route-dependent toll system using the On-Board Unit.  

The toll rates depend on the Gross Vehicle Weight, the Euro emission norm and the type of toll road. Ewals Cargo Care has informed its customers about the introduction of the new toll system.