Ewals Cargo Care has launched a new department, Trucking Leaders. This new department offers a premium solution for the increasing demand of high quality trucking capacity. The Trucking Leaders network is organised from a European Control Tower with 50 experienced planners who guarantee a 24/7 operational and transparent follow up.

Trucking Leaders operates both own trucks and subcontractor trucks. It services other logistics companies with a modern fleet and professional staff, combined with the experience, know-how and driver quality programs of Ewals Cargo Care.

Trucking Leaders will provide a round-the-clock service with the latest in equipment and ICT to guarantee quick and easy performance. With the support of Ewals Cargo Care, Trucking Leaders is able to maintain the same high standards when it comes to driver education and training, mentor drivers and driver follow-up. 

In charge of this new department is Chiel Daams, who has been working at Ewals Cargo Care for more than 10 years. Ewals Cargo Care wishes Chiel Daams and his team all the best with this new and promising product!

Chiel Daams



Chiel Daams
+31 77 3202 464

Trucking leaders on the road
January 2016, Trucking leaders with a TNT trailer in winter conditions.