Last weekend, the annual Venloop event took place in Venlo, The Netherlands. This is an event which fits perfectly in the ’H’ of our QESH focus (Quality, Environment, Safety & Health). Ewals Cargo Care understands the importance of sport and keeping fit in the lives of its employees and therefore has been a sponsor of the Venloop for several years.

This year more than 150 Ewals Cargo Care employees from various countries all over Europe participated in the 20, 30 and 40 km hikes as well as a 7,5 km wheelchair circuit on Saturday and a 5 km run, 10 km run and half marathon on Sunday.

Once all the athletic events were over, colleagues, family and friends gathered in the Ewals Cargo Care Pavilion on Sunday afternoon to enjoy a well-deserved drink and a delicious pasta buffet.

We would like to thank all our sportsmen and women and everyone who came to support and encourage them. We hope to see you all again next year!

Venloop 1 Venloop 2
Venloop 5 Venloop 3