On the 31st of March, Nicholas Demeyer of e-Logistics Control (part of the Ewals Group) will present a webinar on bridging the information gap between supplier and manufacturer. Sign up here for this one hour webinar and be inspired from the comfort of your own desktop.

The webinar
As a manufacturer or a supplier, you control every part of production but often have little control over the logistics outside your factory gates. What if you could work with your logistics service provider to close this gap in your S&OP process?

In this webinar, we will take a closer look at how Ewals Cargo Care, a leading European logistics service provider, bridges the gaps between manufacturers and suppliers with three value-added 4PL services:

• Inbound logistics network engineering
• Inbound call-off order management
• Returnable packaging management

Solutions and implementations manager Nicholas Demeyer will give an in-depth look at the concept, benefits, and execution of these services. Plus, discover how the record-breaking optimization technology from Quintiq makes this a reality.

Please contact us if you have any questions before the webinar. We will then either add the answer in the webinar or reply to you personally with an answer.