Ewals Cargo Care won the Dutch final of the Fresh Connection game 2017. The Fresh Connection is an international, cross-functional business simulation game that challenges participants to work together as a team and to demonstrate and improve their knowledge of the Value Chain.

In this supply chain management game a VP Sales, VP Operations, VP Purchasing, VP Supply Chain, and Coach have the task to turn a loss making juice producing company, around into in financially healthy company with as much return on investment as possible.

After the first 3 rounds, the Ewals Cargo Care team made it to the Dutch final with some encouraging results. During the final in Driebergen, the best 8 teams had to cope with new and complex developments, such as vendor managed inventory, negotiations, new customers and auctions. These were tackled well during the game, resulting in a best score in every round. Each round, the ROI improved and the competitors couldn’t keep up with the growth.

In the end, the Ewals Cargo Care team reached 1st place in the Dutch final for the first time, with an average weighted ROI of 64,82%. Our next challenge will be the global final in Lisbon on the 28th of September!

Fresh Connection (1)
Coach (Christian Prinsen), VP Sales (Eóin Jordan), VP Purchasing (Roel Swinkels), VP Operations (Maarten Bos),
and VP Supply Chain (Fons Janssen).