Every year the charity foundation ‘Truckrun Horst’ organizes a special event for people with disabilities, where they invite them to ride along in a parade of more than 300 trucks. Last Sunday Ewals Cargo Care participated in this event with four trucks and four of our office colleagues that were formerly professional truck drivers.

At the beginning of the day the trucks were all lined up and the drivers and passengers got to meet each other after which they started the route. Enthusiastic crowds of spectators cheered for the long parade of trucks on this sunny day. Afterwards there were many activities and performances and everybody gathered for a drink to conclude the successful event. Ewals gladly supported such a social initiative to give participants the day of their life. For the drivers it was also a memorable experience: “It was a fantastic day with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The smile on the face of the passenger and the positive reactions of all the people are priceless”, says participating driver Sjors Verheijen (Trailer Planner at Ewals).

A warm tribute to the organisation, drivers, volunteers and of course all the people on the side of the road for making this a wonderful day for everyone! 

Truck Run 1 Truck Run 2