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Transport damages the environment. Ewals Cargo Care is well aware of this and continuously strives to lower its impact on environmental pollution.

Ewals Cargo Care is a leader in environmental sustainability for the freight industry. Ongoing financial and technological investments in rail compatible Mega Huckepack trailers, low emission trucks, payload maximisation of our trailers, empty running minimalisation and the use of our latest IT systems to plan the optimum route, demonstrates Ewals Cargo Care's commitment to lower CO2 emissions.

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Ewals Green Care

Ewals Cargo Care has sustainability as one of their key values and improves performance according to 4 focus categories: Concepts, Assets, Resources en Employees.

Tactical Engineering Solution


For over 100 years we have been delivering smarter logistics, and in the process achieving a greener supply chain – whether it is part of our international transport network, or our complete Lead Logistics Provider concepts.

We believe that the more efficient a supply chain, the less environmental damage takes place, and our latest logistics concepts have resulted 60% of our volumes now being multimodal.

Development of our latest IT system TES (Tactical Engineering Solution) can quickly identify the optimum logistics solution to complex volumes and networks, delivering synergies to the logistic networks of each our customers.


During the 1990’s, Ewals Cargo Care developed the 100m3 Mega trailer, capable of 25% more volume than a standard trailer. Today, Ewals Cargo Care with 3.000 Mega trailers is the biggest capacity provider. Continuous technical development resulted in the multimodal version: the Mega Huckepack trailer which can be switched to rail and ferry services, reducing road mileage and the carbon footprint.

Our 400 owned trucks have Euro 5 engines, and any subcontracted haulage is selected and approved on the same basis.


Mega Huckepack trailer wordt op een trein geplaatst

Zonnepanelen op het kantoorgebouwd van Ewals Cargo Care


Assets consume resources like diesel, or electricity. By searching for alternative energy sources such as LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) or focusing on more efficient use by eco-driving programs, we try to achieve lower consumption of diesel.

Additionally, our warehouses are equipped where possible with solar panels to create an alternative electricity supply, and we also don’t forget about our office supplies and travelling – all of which reduce our environmental impact.


Employees are at the centre of our organization. A safe and comfortable working environment is a basis for sustainable relationships.

We create a sustainable working environment by listening to our employees where they feel comfortable and can obtain the best results over a longer period of time.

Entrepreneurship is for example highly stimulated at all levels throughout our organization.

Lean & Green Award

Commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by 20% over 5 years time has resulted in Ewals Cargo Care receiving the Lean and Green Award. We already received a  reduced CO2 emissions by 17%.

Bram Ewals neemt de Leand and Green Award in ontvangst

In May 2011 Mr Bram Ewals (CEO) received the Lean & Green Award from Coen Faber of Connekt. 

Ewals Green Care Certificate

To encourage our customers to contribute towards reduction of CO2, from 2013 Ewals Cargo Care will issue a special Ewals Green Care Certificate to customers taking advantage of our green logistics solutions.

Several leading clients as IKEA and Johnson Controls already received this Ewals Green Care certificate.