Over the  recent  years our own trucking fleet has been constantly growing and we now have a total of 457 mega trucks in 2015. This year 189 new trucks have been added to our fleet.

Grafiek Own Wheels   New Trucks

The new trucks have Euro 6 engines and all have well-equipped, luxury cabins with air conditioning, a stand heater and refrigerator.

At the moment, 60% of all Ewals Cargo Care trucks have Euro 6 engines, further reducing CO² emissions and improving air quality. Furthermore, all trucks have a Transics on-board computer, connecting our drivers with the planners and enabling them to easily send instructions, loading or unloading information or specific customer requirements. This year, we are also putting a bold new Ewals logo on the side of the trucks which can be seen in the photographs below.

In 2016 Ewals Cargo Care will add a further 200 new Euro 6 trucks to the own wheels fleet! 

New Trucks 1One of the new trucks with the new bold ‘E’ logo    

New Trucks TransicsTransics on-board computer