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Ewals Cargo Care in the Healthcare Industry

With our extensive European network of Mega trailer services, Ewals Cargo Care is ideally placed to meet the transport requirements of the healthcare and hygiene industry.

With investments in communications and new refrigerated and mega huckepack  trailers Ewals Cargo Care is equipped to provide services throughout Europe by road, rail or short sea.

Healthcare Logistics

Quality service and reliability of supply is essential in the healthcare and hygiene industry, but the supply chain is increasinhgly cost and security driven. 

Ewals Cargo Care has invested and positioned itself to be a leading player in the field of healthcare logistics . 


Quality of  equipement and service reliability is essential, but main challenge with improved standards of service, is also achieving cost reductions in the supply chain

Coupled with increased regulations and safety standards, Ewals Cargo Care is working to provide logistics solution to meet both these challenges .


To solve  the challenges, Ewals Cargo Care has clear objectives for investment

  • Mega Frigo trailers
    Ewals Cargo Care operates new refrigerated Mega trailers to meet the demands of temperature controlled product, and to provide high security to ambient products too.
  • Mega Huckepack Trailers
    Not all healthcare & hygiene products require temperature controlled conditions during transport, so the Mega Huckepack trailer is the ideal solution, offering maximum cubic capacity for lightweight disposables and the flexibility of road, rail or short sea options to achieve cost optimisation.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Together with our customers Ewals Cargo Care has the expertise and IT systems to analyse the total supply chain and provide a blueprint for the optimum supply chain solution - both in terms of cost and service
  • Strong network in combination with partners
    An extensive network, and cooperation with reliable transport partners enables Ewals Cargo Care to deal with the largest transport packages. For the customer, this means one dedicated point of contact and time to focus on something else that really matters to the healthcare business

Customers & references

Ewals Cargo Care has more than 10 years experience in transport for the healthcare industry, and operates for producers of lightweight disposable products.

The fleet of new Mega Huckepack trailers provides a quality fleet to meet both the capacity and the strict cleanliness requirements demanded by the industry    

Industry expert

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