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The Manufacturer's Transport Partner.

With 100 years experience in logistics, Ewals Cargo Care is a leading Logistics Service Provider in Europe.

When it comes to getting your product to the customer, Ewals Cargo Care can deliver. With our experienced and extensive network of services and offices throughout Europe, Ewals Cargo Care will have the answer to any transport problem.

Industrial logistics

With the considerable variety of manufactured products and raw materials moving around Europe, each one will need a different approach, but few will be totally new to Ewals Cargo Care.


The challenge in any partnership is understanding each other’s objectives and problems. At Ewals Cargo Care we want to learn more about your business process, so we can meet your precise logistics requirements.     


The solution lies in listening to every customer to understand the different challenges in producing and transporting the large range of industrial products Ewals Cargo Care handles.

We want to make sure we can solve your logistics problems and leave you to focus on your production, confident Ewals is the best possible partner to help manage your supply chain. 

Industry expert

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