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Your Transport Partner in the Paper & Packaging Industries

With 3.000, 100m3 Mega trailers, Ewals Cargo Care is the ideal transport partner for the paper & packaging industries.

Ewals Cargo Care has been a transport suppliers to the Paper & Packaging industry for over 20 years. Immediately the Mega Trailer was introduced 20 years ago and the industry has taken advantage of the cost savings of moving 25% more product on the same number of vehicles. 

Paper & Packaging Logistics

With the 3000 strong Mega trailer fleet, Ewals Cargo Care has been providing reliability and capacity to manufacturers of beverage cans, cardboard, plastic packaging and paper products for over 20 years.. 

  • Ewals Cargo Care trailers
    3.000 Mega Huckepack trailers. These intermodal trailers provide 100m3 loading space due to a higher (and lifting) roof. The intermodal aspect means that they can be transported both via road, rail and sea.

These lightweight products can use the maximum cubic capacity the Mega trailer can offer proving a low cost transport option for a generally high volume but mainly disposable product.


Seasonal volumes, and unpredictable production requires a flexible and reactive supply of transport to meet manufacturing deadlines and retail demands

Food packaging and hygiene standards make it essential that some product is delivered on time and in perfect condition, ready for the production line. Ewals Cargo Care has the experience to deliver this promise.      



Ewals Cargo Care has the capacity to react to high fluctuations in demand with its 3000 Mega trailer fleet, and the resources to deliver on time , every time.

Drivers have clear instructions and are fully experienced in securing these lightweight products in such a way to avoid damage and make sure the product is delivered in perfect condition. 

  • Transport
    Ewals Cargo Care will find the best possible transport solution using our own Mega trailer network.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Most likely, you are dealing with a lot of transports each month. The luxury of having one or possibly a few contacts for all your transports will then be of great value. Ewals Cargo Care is able to manage your entire transport package leaving you with only one contact. Easy and reliable.
  • Loading
    Within this industry we are dealing with all sorts of products like paper rolls, stackable goods and others. Together with you, we will come up with the optimal loading solutions using planning and calculation tools. By doing so we will minimize the amount of required shipments and optimize efficiency. obviously, whilst taking your demand and restrictions into consideration.

Customers & references

Ewals Cargo Care's experience with the packaging industry goes back over 20 years when the Mega trailer was first introduced. The Mega trailer is the ideal solution for moving high volume, lightweight products, such as empty beverage cans moved in thousands of Mega trailers from the U.K. to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany , France and Spain.  Ewals Cargo Care's capacity and flexibility to deliver direct, and on time to the production plant provides an essential efficient link in the total supply chain. 

Plastic packaging for paint and household cleaning products are also moved in Mega trailers, providing 25% more capacity than a conventional trailer, reducing unit transport costs for something that is essential, but low value, and eventually disposable. 

Ewals Cargo Care has the capacity for volume shipments of paper reels and pallets of cardboard packaging to a range of European destinations.        


Industry expert

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