Ewals Cargo Care in Retail Logistics

With 3.000, 100m3 Mega trailers, Ewals Cargo Care is the ideal transport partner for the retail sector.

Our European network, fleet capacity and latest planning systems provides the flexibility to allow Ewals Cargo Care to deliver time critrical product to distribution centres and retail outlets     

Retail Logistics

Reliability, flexibility and capacity in the supply chain is essential for the retail industry. Customers demand choice and they want it now.


Fluctuating customer demand, short shelf life and strict deadlines at distribution centres demand highly controlled, versatile, but cost efficient transport systems.

Delivery at precise times, 24/7 demands versatile and controlled transport capacity to ensure the product reaches the consumer on time in perfect condition.   



With the 3.000 strong Mega trailer fleet, Ewals Cargo Care has the capacity to react to fluctuations in customer demand, and our latest planning and tracking systems systems provides the control to deliver on time, every time.  

  • Transport
    High Security
    Temperature Controlled
  • Supply Chain Management
    Lead Logistic Provider
    Load Optimization
    Transport Planning
  • Network
    Extensive European Network
    Reliable Partners

Customers & references

Retail is one of the long established industries within Ewals Cargo Care. With hundreds of customers all over Europe, it is a serious part of our business. Amongst others, Ewals Cargo Care ships beer, food products and furniture. The demands of the very competitive retail sector keeps us sharp to be the best at what we do.

Industry expert

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