During the New Year’s reception of the Flanders Institute for Logistics (VIL), Flemish Minister President Kris Peeters handed over the Lean and Green Award to Ewals Intermodal.

The goal of this project is to realize a significant reduction of the CO² emission. This is put into practice daily and corresponds with the mission and vision of Ewals Intermodal.

Ewals Intermodal is an intermodal specialist with focus on the corridors Benelux/Ruhr – Italy and UK – Italy.

The main initiatives of Ewals Intermodal are:

  • Working out concepts in order to realize the shift from road transport to combined rail/road transport or inland water transport.
  • Further investment in the training of drivers, with focus on ecological and safe driving responsibility.
  • Optimize driving kilometers to train terminals by choosing strategically situated train terminals and/or implementing new driving paths, all with the aim of reducing the CO² emission.

The business strategy of Ewals Intermodal constantly focuses on economical and ecological profit.