From 1 January 2013 Ewals Cargo Care joined the Green Freight Europe program. As well as being part of the establishment of the road freight operations system, Ewals Cargo Care will specifically play an active role in the possible future expansion of Green Freight Europe to cover the reporting and monitoring of CO2 emissions from intermodal operations.

Green Freight Europe is a voluntary and independent program for improving environmental performance of road freight transport in Europe. The initiative was launched in March 2012 and drives reductions of carbon footprint by:

  • Establishing a platform for monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions, to assist in the procurement of transportation services and is based on existing standards


  • Promoting collaboration between carriers and shippers in driving improvements and monitoring progress


  • Establishing a certification system to reward shippers and carriers who fully participate in the program

To achieve true sustainability it requires shippers, providers and governments to fundamentally change their way of working. This can only be achieved through strong collaboration between partners. Green Freight Europe can play a vital role in this process.

Green Freight Europe aligns itself with Ewals Cargo Care's policy of sustainable logistics and supply chain management. Ewals Cargo Care is a leading company in the European transport and logistics sector. Through its extensive network of offices and warehouses, Ewals Cargo Care can offer full-service solutions for the movement, storage and management of goods in a wide range of industrial sectors. With an own fleet of 3.000 intermodal transport units and transport software, they have developed several initiatives to control complete supply chains.