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Add value and increase productivity.

IT is one of our major investments to achieve logistics optimisation. It enables us to continue improving communication and cooperation with customers and supply chain partners. We are at the forefront of planning optimisation and system integration with our customers.

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Fast and flexible system integration

Business and IT engineers work together closely within Ewals Cargo Care to develop our very own IT landscape based on the latest technology, enabling the best performance both internally and externally. We are in an advanced stage in the link with other platforms, and we can connect our networks and systems to those of our customers : from one-to-one EDI integration to online information exchange via the Ewals portal. Our service-oriented approach ensures that integration projects run smoothly and flawlessly. The world is changing. Our customers change, and we respond accordingly.

Communications & cooperation

Our own in-house e-Manage system enables communications and information exchange about shipments between all parties involved. E-Manage is an advanced platform allowing information exchange at different levels, even if they do not use the same language. Performing as a control tower, we communicate with 4,000 drivers throughout Europe every day, as well as with our customers and partners. And e-Manage enables you to outsource entire processes. We ensure that your production has the materials needed from your OEMs and suppliers. We even provide e-learning programmes for suppliers and supply chain partners so that they can fully utilise the e-Manage possibilities. This enables everyone to stay fully connected to each other.  

Planning & Planning Optimisation

We have made considerable investment in IT systems to support our core activities: daily transport planning and supply chain optimisation through tactical and strategic simulations. For both, we have developed TES (Tactical Engineering Solution). This calculation tool can determine your optimum (cost-effective) transport network, automatically taking into account joint loading synergies between different shippers. Tactical optimisation is based on total operational planning on a daily basis. Simulations of combined annual volumes of various shippers can be calculated within a few hours to a completely detailed level (individual journey prices).

Driver communication gateway

We also push the boundaries regarding driver information exchange. The introduction of DCG (driver communication gateway) enables standardised communications between on-board computers and the transport management system. DCG is fully-automated and is a significant step forward in achieving fast and error-free information exchange between driver and planner. Our real-time information is invaluable for daily transport planning and offers important strategic analysis. What’s more, linking on-board computers to FMS enables CANbus data providing valuable information about engine management and the driving style of each driver.

Safety and continuity

We provide assurance that the security of your critical and sensitive information is safeguarded.  We use a dual data centre to guarantee the availability and reliability of systems. Data and applications are replicated real time between both these data centres. This DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) infrastructure is unique within the logistics sector.  

Taking the lead through IT

With strong partners in the area of IT development we have taken a clear lead in recent years. In 2013 Ewals won the Transport and Logistiek Nederland TLN entrepreneurs award ‘Excelling in IT’. All efforts focused on adding value for our customers.

IT specialists

For more information about our business processes, communication capabilities and ICT applications please contact Bart Dessent - Corporate Business Process & Information Manager.

For more information about the availability and reliability of our systems, problem management and our data centre  please contact Ton Bruil – Corporate IT Manager.

Ton Bruil

Bart Dessent