Neutral Platform

The strength of transparency.

Do you want to optimise your supply chain, but prefer to do this with a partner without its own capacity; one that purely offers 'control tower' oversight, management and optimisation of your logistics flows?

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Entirely independent 4PL service provision

In response to the increasing demand for large-scale logistics optimisation, extensive, integrated networks and transparency, Ewals Cargo Care has established an independent daughter company: e-Logistics (e-LC). e-LC offers entirely independent 4PL services with important added value: over 100 years’ logistics experience in its DNA. 

We support change and keep your business on track

E-LC are not simply consultants, but know how everything works in practice - a fully operational control tower. As well as continuously optimising your supply chain and network design, we have the expetise in change management and project implementation. And just as importantly: as Lead Logistics Provider we offer you operational excellence. This means that with us you have a total partner, involved even after the most important improvements have been implemented. 

The best of both worlds

Our roots in logistics and the stength of the Ewals Cargo Care organisation in the background means that we combine the best of both worlds. On one hand ; entirely neutral and objective advice and 4PL services and on the other, the resources to switch quickly and supply the project managers you need. And there are attactive finanicial arrangements that enables us to invest in long-term projects together. Our investment is recovered using the savings that we realise for you. We are sufficiently confident in achieving this that we can offer cast-iron guarantees and base our revenue model on this. This generates mutual commitment and partnership. 

Cooperation at a higher level

The great strength of e-LC is that, as a 4PL partner, we offer total transparency. This applies to RFQ management, where we research not only market rates on your behalf, but also offer freight payment and rate management where e-LC can manage invoice processing for all parties. Transparency in rate structure and cost streams ensures ever closer cooperation and we can even offer supplier management, in which we provide total coordination of your suppliers’ logistics. As  a business process outsourcer we manage as many processes as possible for you, enabling you to focus entirely on your core business.

Your neutral partner

Neutral partnership means that the choice of logistics partners is entirely yours. Of course, e-LC can advise which transport operators offer you the right quality for the best price, but if you are satisfied with your current supplers, we simply keep these in your network. 

The greater the transparency the more valuable the information. As neutral partner we take responsibility for many logistics tasks and our large information flow from  transporters and suppliers is entirely transparent. We translate the data into important management information, reporting KPI's on environmental statistics and financial savings that we have achieved together in your supply chain.