Megatrailer van Ewals Cargo Care in een berglandschap


A large fleet for your total capacity needs.

Ewals Cargo Care has a trailer fleet of 3,000 Mega Huckpack XL trailers that are all suitable for transport by road, rail and short sea. As a capacity provider and with a range of intermodal options we can provide transport services of throughout Europe.

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Continuous investment

We continue to invest in our fleet to provide the latest equipment in terms of design and quality. We develop our trailers in-house and in many cases together with our customers. Ewals Cargo Care introduced the Mega trailer into the European transport market in 1990, and from just 3 trailers in 1990, it has now become an industry standard. Our latest innovation, the Mega Huckepack XLS, is now already well on the way to becoming the standard in the automotive and other industries.

A history of innovation

For decades Ewals Cargo Care has placed customer-driven innovation at the forefront or our development. Following a request from a customer, we developed the 100m3 mega trailer, offering as much as 20% more cargo capacity than a conventional trailer. Believing in the strength of intermodal transport,  we developed the Mega Huckepack XL trailer based on the Mega trailer : a trailer that can be lifted onto a special low bed rail wagon, as well as being moved by road or by ferry. Our entire fleet now comprises these versatile trailers and transporters across Europe are switching to this new concept. Today, Ewals Cargo Care is already one step ahead with the introduction of the Mega Huckepack XLS. 

The new standard: Mega Huckepack XLS

The Mega Huckepack XLS is the ultimate in cargo security and safety.
XL is the European standard code for cargo security and the ‘S’ stands for ‘extra Strong, Safe and Secure’. The specially strengthened trailer curtain on the Mega Huckepack XLS reduces the risk of cargo theft. A large number of extra vertical alluminium bars are incorporated into the curtain which means it cannot be cut open. The XLS is patented and approved by the German TÜV authorities and is now being increasingly requested enthusiastic clients. 

Extra strong & safe

The Mega Huckepack XLS construction makes for a stronger and safer trailer for cargo such as tyres, bulk bags and other cargo that has the tendency to bulge into the trailer curtain during transport. The unique XLS construction combats this to ensure that the maximum permitted trailer width is not exceeded. The XLS contains no separate components and guarantees that the side walls remain within the legal limit.

Modern trucking fleet

Our modern trucking fleet consists of 500 own asset vehicles plus an additional of 800 subcontractor trucks. 69% of the own trucks have Euro 6 engines, further reducing CO² emissions. All trucks have a Transics on-board computer, connecting our drivers with the planners and enabling them to easily send instructions, loading or unloading information or specific customer requirements.

Special equipment

For transport of cargo that needs very special attention, including particularly vulnerable goods or those with additional security requirements, please discuss it with us, and we will find an appropriate solution. We have a Double Deck trailer with an adjustable floor to create a variety of level for a range of cargo sizes ; ideal for non-stackable cargos, The TIR trailer is sealed by customs for transport outside the European Union and the Box Trailer has hard side walls and additional locks for added security. And if no solution is immediately available, we create our own. Who knows, together we may see the creation of our next successful innovation.