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European Network

Strong intermodal network solutions

The strength of Ewals Cargo Care’s European network is unparalleled. We have local representatives in 16 countries and an established partner network on numerous transport routes.

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The intermodal specialist

Intermodel solutions are Ewals Cargo Care’s greatest strength. We have the logistics infrastructure to combine transport by road, rail and sea into a solution that fits seamlessly within your transport plan and budget. Our intermodal approach means we are always able to offer competitive European FTL transport rates over any distances. 

European focus

Our stength lies in our long established services from the Continent to Scandinavia and Great Britain. Thousands of our trailers transit Europe every day. Our extensive  transport network covers a large range of routes: from Scandinavia to Spain and Great Britain to Central Europe - and of course, everything in between. We are growing along with our clients in Central Europe, supported by our local offices in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania.  

Flexibility in the chain

Intermodal transport provides us with flexibility. We are not tied to one form of transport and can switch between transport modes wherever necessary. This enables us to carefully plan and provide just in time and just in sequence transport for a large number of clients. Even over long distances we deliver exactly on time and direct to the production line, giving all parties confidence in the strength of our intermodal network. 

A passion for rail

We make increasing use of rail transport in our intermodal strategy.

  • Maximum flexibility and scalability
    Our 3,000 own Mega Huckepack XL trailers are all suitable for transport by road, rail or short sea. Rail transport opportunities provide both extra capacity and flexibility.
  • Assurance
    Rail transport enables us to both avoid and to help reduce the increasing amount of road traffic congestion.
  • Low costs
    The volume and size of our intermodal transport enables us to reduce costs on longer distances, which is translated into lower tranprt cost for the customer.
  • Environmentally-friendly
    As rail transport has a considerably lower environmental impact than road, we are further helping to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Triangular network

One of the reasons we can offer European transport solutions so competitively is that we work with an open triangular network. The versatility of our Mega trailer fleet and our intermodal transport options provides the flexibility to go anywhere within our European network, and not be confine to specific transport lanes. In doing so, we  make optimum use of our trailer capacity and reduce the number of empty kilometres to the minimum. This makes us one of the most cost-efficient transporters in Europe on long distance routes.