Our people

Strengthening each other, every day.

Our customers place high demands on our services, and we place high demands on our people. They are Ewals Cargo Care’s most important asset and they really make the difference. That is why we invest as much as possible in the development of our people at all levels of the organisation. 

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People continue to develop

Our service provision is becoming increasingly advanced and intelligent, partly through the focus on customer-driven innovation. Well-trained staff and teams that respond well to each other are prerequisites to providing our customers with the highest standards in logistics. To create an appropriate response to increasingly important quality issues, Ewals Cargo Care supports ongoing staff development with a unique mix of mentors, traditional training and e-learning.

Vital people in a vital organisation

As well as the development of knowledge and skills we pay a lot of attention to staff welfare. We take good care of our drivers providing the latest trucks and excellent facilities en route. We invest in open office areas that are pleasant spaces in which people can connect with each other. We also use sponsorship and participation in sporting events to promote a healthy lifestyle outside working hours.