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Working at Ewals Cargo Care

If you want to work in an ambitious family owned organization in the logistic industry, we may have just the right career opportunity for you.

As a service provider Ewals Cargo Care depends on the dedication and professionalism of its staff. Our employees are key to our success and we are proud to have developed a unique ‘family’ culture of dedication and loyalty that has grown over 100 years.

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Vacancies & open application

At the moment, we have the following vacancies:

The Netherlands

Ewals Cargo Care
Tegelen - headquarters
Administrator Invoicing
Assistant Controller

Assistent Planner (commercieel)
Assistant Transportplanner
Financial Employee
Financial Reporter

Infrastructuur Engineer
(Jr.) Business Process Engineer

(Jr.) Proces Engineer Operations
(Jr.) Sales Engineer
Repairs Planner

Stagiair(e) Human Resources Management (HRM)

Ewals Logistics Control
Continuous Improvement Engineer
Customer Experience Representative

Interzuid Transport
Assistant Planner

Trade Port West Venlo
Allround Technisch Medewerker
Internationaal Chauffeur
Shunter / Terminal Chauffeur

Customer Service Representative

Zeebrugge office
Transport Planner Frankrijk

Genk office
Freight Management Planner / Expediteur

Czech Republic

(Assistant) Transport Planner - Zwickau
Disponent (w/m) - Hattingen
Auszubildende Kauffrau/-mann Spedition- und Logistikdientsleistungen

Vacancies at Ewals Cargo Care Kiefersfelden:

(Jr.) Operations Planner
Traffic Manager

(Jr.) Operational Engineer

Customer Service Representative
Key Account / Outside Sales Representative
Traffic Manager

United Kingdom
Field Sales Executive
Internal Sales Representative
Transport Planner

However, we are always eager to get in contact with students or other high potentials who have the ambition to become future professionals in an internationally oriented logistics company. (Transport) planners or engineers are very welcome to apply via an open application.

Send the open application to HRM and indicate the position and skill set in which you are interested using as much detail as possible.

Internships & Graduate projects

Are you looking for an internship or graduate project?

Ewals Cargo Care is an accredited work placement company, training young and motivated people into qualified professionals. Our internships and graduate projects will offer you the opportunity to develop yourself as a professional in the logistic industry. That is why we offer serveral internships and graduate projects every year. You can play an active role in one of our projects or participate in the field. We can offer you a lot of opportunities in various areas of work.

  • How to apply for an internship or graduate project
    You can respond directly to an internship or graduation project advertisement on our website. You can look in the Internships & Graduate Projects section to see which internship or graduate project are currently available. To apply for a position, send an e-mail to HRM

    It is also possible to leave an open application. As soon as a new internship or graduate project becomes available, we try to link it to students in our database.

    In addition to your CV, it is important to send a detailed covering letter, which clearly states the period during which you are looking for an internship/graduate project and what kind of project you would prefer.

Young Potential Program

In 2006 Ewals Cargo Care started the “Young Potential Program” (YPP). We wanted to create a platform that brings together young, recently graduated (Bachelor and Master degree) employees. The essence of the YPP is to share knowledge from the company to the group and from the group to the company.

Employees participate in the YPP have a permanent position (no traineeship) within the company. The YPP members are responsible for organizing the meetings themselves and will guide the topics through the meetings. Additionally, the member of the YPP will work on a project with a project team concerning company-related topics. These YPP projects are monitored during the YPP meetings and supported by managers of the company.

  • The program
    The program is held 5 times a year including an additional field related activity. In general, participation in the YPP is up for 2 to 3 years. At this moment, the YPP group consists of about 15 people with very different backgrounds; they come from different country’s, with different educational backgrounds and a different field of specialization. YPP participation stimulates general and specific company knowledge which is very useful in the later Ewals Cargo Care career.

Would you like to know more about Ewals Cargo Care?

Ewals Cargo Care is one of the few remaining family owned logistic companies in the Netherlands. Over the last 100 years we have developed a unique ‘family’ culture of dedication and loyalty, executed by professionals.

Within our organisation there are a lot of opportunities for growth in many different disciplines and specialist areas: in of course logistics, purchasing, sales, marketing, IT, finance, engineering, legal, fleetcontrol etc. In the Netherlands and far beyond.

Ewals Cargo Care offers

We offer an organization where much attention is paid to the quality of employees. Through training, job rotation and personal guidance, employees are stimulated to grow and to excel.

We have a 'no-nonsense' culture and operate with streamlined channels of communication.

Contact information recruitment

Would you like to know more about your career opportunities within Ewals Cargo Care, please contact our HR Officer:

Internet search (incl. social media) might be part of the recruitment procedure.