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Learning & development

Developing yourself at your workplace is not a given at every company, but at Ewals Cargo Care it is. We want to stimulate you to get the best out of your career with us. With our Learning & Development programme, we want to trigger you to lift yourself to the next step, and develop the skills you desire. With our extensive e-learning platform, you can choose the training that suits your career goals best, regardless of your career phase or position.

From the moment you start your career at Ewals Cargo Care, an introduction training awaits you, followed by various opportunities. Whether you want to improve your language skills or become a more effective leader, there are countless possibilities including communication courses, management & leadership courses, lean six sigma training, driver instruction videos and language courses. Join us, and invest in yourself!

Young Potential Programme

In the early stages of your career, there is a lot to experience and learn. To guide you in that process, Ewals Cargo Care launched the Young Potential Programme (YPP). We created this platform in 2006 to bring together young and recently graduated employees. You can share your ideas and views with likeminded colleagues and challenge each other to grow together.

Around 15 staff members participate in the YPP, with different backgrounds in terms of nationality, education and position within the company. The group meets five times a year, while you will work on, prepare and discuss projects in-between these meetings. New ideas, concepts and initiatives conceptualised by the YPP are often integrated within the live environment of our company, helping all of us to grow towards new and improved results.

If you have any questions about our Young Potential Programme, please feel free to contact us!


The Ewals Connection

The Ewals Connection is a learning platform for enthusiastic employees from different entities within the Ewals Group with operational backgrounds like customer service, (trucking) planning and freight forwarding. One of the objectives of the programme is to connect offices and departments to learn from each other. Participants work on challenging projects that they are able to define and shape themselves and that have a direct link to their day to day work. They meet two times a year to either work on their projects for two days or to visit an external company.

There a continuous influx of members to ensure a stable group size of around 10 loyal and enthusiastic employees of all ages and genders that are eager to learn more about the organisation and its customers.

Please contact us if you want to know more about The Ewals Connection!


Basic Dispatchers Training

Are you eager to start working in the logistics industry, but is your knowledge of transport limited or absent? Ewals Cargo Care offers you the opportunity to get a running start in your new career! We invest in young talents by offering them a basic dispatchers training. This enables you to gather knowledge and work on your skills together with peers. With a basic training on our company’s DNA, operations elements, business systems, commercial aspects and more, the modules of this education programme are sure to get you up and running in no-time!

Do you want to discover if our Basic Dispatchers Training is right for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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