Working at Ewals Cargo Care

At Ewals Cargo Care, we are proud to be a family business. From the early beginning over a 100 years ago, starting with horse, a cart and a ton of ambition, we became an international organisation that is present all over Europe. With over 2,200 colleagues working in 17 different European countries, we offer you the opportunity to work with many different people from many different cultures. Our company culture is informal and we value the personal development of our people. This is a necessity too, as our industry is ever-changing and we want to remain a frontrunner. This means we offer our people insights in the most recent developments, insights and information, while jointly working to stay ahead of the curve. Join us, and invest in yourself!

Our colleagues

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“I truly feel I can make a difference here”

Annika (26 years old) works as a Financial Process Controller at Ewals Cargo Care. After finishing her graduation internship at Ewals a few years ago, she decided she wanted to stay at the company.

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“Our company is an excellent place for young people with an ambition to grow”

As a Client Desk Operator, Ruud (31 years old) has worked at Ewals Cargo Care for nearly 4 years. He started out as an assistant at the Customer Care department, and now manages the orders for some 50 customers.

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“Our CEO knows everyone by name”

After having worked as a truck driver for almost 15 years, Paul (38 years old) became a Planner at Ewals Cargo Care almost 5 years ago. Today, he is a Floater at the trailer planning.