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Driver app - Ewals Companion - available!

After a successful pilot, the ‘Ewals Companion’ - a communication app for drivers - is now up and running and available for all Ewals drivers. Especially in these delicate and quickly evolving times, direct communication with all Ewals employees is very important. The app not only enables us to inform drivers about what’s happening inside the company, but also involves them in the Ewals community and gives the possibility to share their own experiences.

In the employee satisfaction survey two years ago, communication with our own drivers came out as an improvement point. As part of the Communities to Build programme of our Next Generation Logistics ambition, a group of the Young Potential Programme investigated the possibilities for driver communication and came up with an app that every Ewals driver can download on his phone.

Not only latest news and developments are shared on this app, it’s also a platform for depot information, training material and an opportunity to share the most beautiful views on the road and interact with each other. We hope to shorten communication lines with our drivers and to tighten our entire employee community further!

April 15, 2020