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Started internal audit cycle

We’ve started the yearly cycle of internal audits. Our team of auditors already visited multiple offices, like: Hamburg (DE), Zagreb (HR), Graz (AT), Turku (FI), Kosice (SK) and Tegelen (NL). Many more are still to come!

During the internal audits we actively promote quality management (Next Generation Logistics program) but also more social topics like environmental management, safety & health and (private) data security. The goal of this internal variant is threefold:

  • Promote our QESH policy and continuous improvement as part of the organization;
  • Improving processes by defining more efficient & effective processes and learning from other offices and departments by sharing processes & experiences
  • Normative requirement of certification standards;

Next to our internal audits, we are also being assessed by external parties on ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, OHSAS 18001 and SQAS. As from next year Ewals has planned also to become ISO 28000 certified. Within our company, the internal and external audits are centrally coordinated by the corporate QESH department with local support and responsibility.

Photo: Dario Palombo, member of our internal audit team, visiting Nadine Erler of our office in Zwickau DE.

January 21, 2020