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The “new reality” – Logistics in times of Corona

Weeks have passed in which people all over the world have tried to deal with the effects of the measures that were taken to counter the Coronavirus, both professionally and personally. Businesswise, our company has been confronted with a severe drop in volumes as many production sites of our customers were temporarily closed. In the meanwhile, we are glad to see that they are reopening and volumes start increasing again. This is however a gradual process. It will take time for volumes to recover and economic forecasting models even estimate that the rise will come to a halt at a level lower than the initial one. This is an outlook which we try to prevent or at least take protective measures against.

Our top priority as a company is the health and safety of our employees, both on and off the road. They are the fuel for our engine; they enable the continuity of the service towards our customers. One topic high on the agenda is preparing for a safe return to the office for employees that have been working from home the past couple of weeks. Our offices are spread across Europe and in each country the situation and thus the governmental instructions differ. Therefore, the responsibility to lower home office set-ups resides at the local management of our offices and should be in line with the applicable governmental instructions.

The guideline on group level is to enable employees to keep a minimum distance of 1.5m (or more, in case of more stringent instructions by local governments) from each other. This implies that, with the current office arrangements and designs as a given at this stage, precautionary measures should be taken to ensure that employees can keep distance at all times (at their workstation and next to it). This leads to workstations that are (at least temporarily) put out of order and thus automatically also a continuation of “homeworking”. The company furthermore hangs onto a maximum office occupation of 60%. Signing has been provided to all offices to help remind employees of these health measures.

                                                Preparing for a safe return to our headquarter in Tegelen (NL)

We continue to encourage responsible behaviour in line with governmental instructions. Since we have been faced with 2 infected colleagues at our headquarter in Tegelen in the very beginning, we have seen no further cases across our sites in Europe. With the measures mentioned before, we strive to continue on this road!

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Let’s support in balancing logistics volumes and capacity!

The logistics branch, like many others, is hit by the consequences of the Coronavirus. But challenges lead to opportunities! They make room for strengthened and new collaborations.

May 19, 2020