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Equipment innovation for Just-In-Sequence loading

Transporting certain cargo can bring along specific equipment requirements. When shipping voluminous goods, you could opt for a Mega trailer or even a Mega Jumbo Road Train. The XLS system is highly valuable in case of instable loads (like tyres) or high-value goods. And why not consider a 1 Axle trailer for shunting activities as it leads to fuel savings and lower road taxes?

Ewals Cargo Care offers all these equipment options. But, what if your transports require even more specific equipment? Innovation is part of our DNA! So, share your challenge with us and let’s discuss whether we can support you with the creation of suitable equipment to execute your transports. A good example of that are trailers with two levels of rolling floors that were designed with and for our customer Adient to enable automatic Just-In-Sequence loading and unloading of seats.

Regular box trailers from our partner Krone were modified the meet our customer’s requirements. They were reinforced to allow for automatic loading and unloading, a door was placed close to the front of each trailer to enable easy access to the control panel and sheers were installed below the trailers to ensure a precise positioning at loading quays. Furthermore, some additional adjustments were done in the light of driver ergonomics: six extra reversing lights, a reversing camera, a camera to inspect the upper loading level and electric supporting legs.

Finally, two levels of rolling floors were installed in each trailer. The completed trailers were then sent to our office in Zwickau where they will be used for Just-In-Sequence transports of seats for Adient to their customer VW.

December 4, 2019