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Almost ready to test the Duo trailer on the road

The Dutch government together with the transport sector are looking into the safety of Super EcoCombi’s (SEC’s) on Dutch roads. A SEC is a truck towing two regular trailers (measuring 13.60 meters each) connected with a ‘dolly’. Referring to it as a ‘Duo trailer’, Ewals Cargo Care has been actively promoting this innovation for a few years now. Amongst other things, it creates significant opportunities in terms of lowering fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions which supports the achievement of climate goals.

To determine the safety of a Duo trailer on the road, several steps need to be taken (each step being conditional upon a positive outcome of the previous one).

  1. Technical test: Verify the safety of the vehicle on a private test track.
  2. Demo: Perform a prototype test on one predefined real route.
  3. Trial: Test shipments by (up to 4) transport companies on (up to 4) predefined routes focussing especially on the impact of the shipments’ load factor on transport infrastructure, safety & sustainability.

After that, additional steps (like for instance an upscaling of the testing scope in terms of routes and supporting transport companies) are to be expected followed by a final decision of the responsible minister.

The cooperation between the government and transport companies is a good example of co-creation, one of our core values!

December 12, 2019