Launch of our Mobile Quality team

After an innovation research study Ewals Cargo Care noticed that many customers have a need to further improve their logistic processes and therefore established a specialized Mobile Quality Team. The MQT was set up to assist customers to do this in a more structured and productive way with the aim to reduce costs. So far, all customers who have been visited by the MQT have responded very positively to this new initiative. 

The MQT consists of a team of certified technical experts with considerable knowledge and experience in transport modes, equipment, load securing and packaging. The team aims to look at innovation from the customer’s perspective by visiting customers and doing onsite observations to optimize the logistic process. More specifically: looking for improvements in load securing, quality of equipment, packaging and health and safety aspects at the customer’s site. 

A specific item within the MQT team is onsite driver and quality checks. A major focus within the QESH framework (Quality, Environment, Safety and Health) is to continuously improve quality and knowledge amongst drivers. By doing driver and equipment quality checks, drivers’ behavior and their handling of equipment can be improved.

Another example of an MQT activity is load security. For individual customers and their products, the optimum method of load securing is calculated and tested by certified experts to meet the European standards.  Besides load securing, load distribution is calculated to make the best use of the loading space, reduce the risk of damage, increase the volume and optimize the axle weight distribution of the vehicle. Furthermore packaging management can be considered with a view to reducing packaging costs and to ensure the load is secure.  

November 6, 2017