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A multimodal network equals having alternatives

Increase your logistics playing field by opting for a multimodal network that combines regular road transports with a variety of rail and short-sea options. Choosing for a multimodal network means choosing to have alternatives at hand; the ability to select one option over another across or even within transport modes to move your goods from A to B. Note that having such alternatives contributes to your contingency planning.

But it’s much more than that. Choosing to operate through a multimodal network means:

  • choosing for environmentally-friendly options (being: rail and shortsea);
  • for a variety of transit times (relatively fast for longer distances and slow on shorter tracks compared to traditional road transport);
  • for breathing space for the shrinking driver population (at least, in case of unaccompanied traffic);
  • for competitive rates.

At Ewals Cargo Care we offer the strength of our Multimodal European Network. With over 3000 own Mega Huckepack trailers, we are well-equipped for multimodal traffic. By extending our own fleet with the capacity of a robust set of partners, specialists in their field, we are able to provide a highly qualitative service across Europe.

August 11, 2020