'New demands on health and safety are changing the supply chain'

There is a significant trend visible all over the supply chain. Health and safety is not only an important aspect of transport, but is becoming a decision maker for companies looking for logistics providers.

'Awareness has been increasing in the last years due to laws and regulations, which are adapting accordingly. Especially Germany and Great Britain are taking the lead in health and safety regulations, but also in other countries it’s getting more and more the attention it undoubtedly deserves. Taking into account all laws and regulations (think about trailer dimensions, strength, loose parts) combined with rapidly changing external developments (increasing toll, minimum wages, congestion, driver shortages, etc.), the transport market faces serious challenges to meet these new and changing demands.

Companies operating along the supply chain are not only innovating in order to meet the requirements on quality, health & safety. Equipment also plays an important part. Trailers need to be multifunctional, but should be in balance with the bottom line benefits (Total Cost of Ownership). Looking at the environment, the complete industry has a large responsibility in this, so multimodality becomes increasingly important. Also, we know from our own experience that trailers should be able to transport various types of goods; voluminous, heavy, high value (anti-theft) or bulging loads. And depending on the type of cargo, goods are loaded via the rear, side or roof.

So, a lot of aspects to take into account. As change is the only constant in this industry, these developments are the main reason for us to look for new products and develop the Mega Huckepack XLS back in 2013. And although the XLS has become a standard for many of our customers, we see and recognize the need for continuous improvement. We are even working on the newer version of the XLS which will be launched later this year, only four years after the introduction of the original. It only shows that the world around us is constantly challenging us and it’s up to us, the industry, to respond and push forward.'

The world around us is constantly challenging us and it’s up to us, the industry, to respond and push forward. Bas van Lieshout, Sales & Account Development Manager, Ewals Cargo Care
April 6, 2018