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Scania chooses for HVO and leads by example

For its bilateral component flow between its “paintshop” in Meppel (NL) and one of its assembly sites in Angers (FR), the leading truck producer Scania opted for Ewals Cargo Care’s sustainable HVO option. This premium-quality renewable diesel is obtained by hydrotreating vegetable oils and animal fats. Choosing HVO over regular diesel fuel can result in a reduction in CO2 emissions of 90% and more.

In addition, seen its resemblance to regular diesel in terms of chemical structure, HVO can easily be used for euro 6 diesel engines – the current standard equipment of Ewals – without affecting their yield and thus the range of the corresponding trucks.

Although HVO is currently still more expensive than regular diesel, it was Scania’s deliberate choice to go for this durable option as it will support them in achieving their CO2 targets for 2025. Thanks to companies like Scania, that set an example and prioritise sustainability, the commercialisation of renewable energy sources like HVO can be accelerated. We are looking forward to implementing this flow in the summer.

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Driving down fossil fuel consumption even more

An additional way of reducing your CO2 emissions as a transport company, next to driving down fuel consumption, is by considering using alternative fuels.

July 9, 2020