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“I truly feel I can make a difference here”

Annika works as a Project Manager Finance at Ewals Cargo Care. After finishing her graduation internship at Ewals a few years ago, she decided she wanted to stay at the company.

 “The final step for completing my education was my graduation internship. I decided to do that at Ewals, and that has been a great experience from day one. During my internship, I primarily focused on the order-to-cash process. I identified bottlenecks and assessed how they could be improved. At the end of my internship, I identified three specific areas of improvement, and it was rewarding to see that they were all actually implemented.

After my internship, various companies offered me positions, but my experience at Ewals was so good that I decided to stay. Shortly after, I got to implement one of the improvement areas I identified myself during my internship. There’s not much hierarchy in my team, and even while I was the rookie, I was glad that my opinion was considered seriously and I quickly got to make decisions on my own. The work atmosphere at Ewals is very pleasant as well, it really is a family company and I spend a lot of time with my colleagues outside of work hours too.

I’m a member of the Young Potential Programme, in which I work on various projects with colleagues. My best experience with that was at a large transport exhibition in Munich, were we presented our Virtual Reality project on behalf of Ewals.

I currently work at the Finance Department. My primary focus is to improve existing processes and figure out how to optimally use existing systems. First I assess the as-is situation, then I take over the process, after which I identify opportunities to increase efficiency; for instance by digitalising steps. Eventually, this helps us to save time, and sometimes this can be as simple as introducing colleagues to existing features in software applications which they haven’t used before.”

I was glad that my opinion was considered seriously and I quickly got to make decisions myself.
March 1, 2018