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"The work itself often requires more efforts these days."

During a chat with Rob Peeters about his job as a driver in corona times, the words “getting used to” were mentioned frequently. With our drivers out there, performing the work, we should be aware of the flexibility that’s required from them in this rapidly and continuously changing world. Rob has been working for Ewals Cargo Care for 4.5 years and is used to driving to certain destinations. How does the coronavirus affect his day-to-day work?

“Nowadays, some of the recurring trips I usually perform, are put on hold (seen production sites of some of our customers are temporarily closed). Instead, I’m going to new places and finding my way. The type and size of loads vary a lot, from full loads to part loads of steel, rolls of grass, candy, hygienic material,… Recently, I was virtually “in the middle of nowhere” at a farmer’s field, a type of location you’d even doubt to go to by bike. It was stunning. I like this variation, it’s challenging!

The work itself often requires more efforts these days. Safely presenting yourself at arrival, the use of mouth masks also when you’re alone in the open air, the – at times – limited tolerance of people,… It can get a bit weary. There are also significant differences in focus between countries. Think about the border controls in Belgium and the increased attention for registration procedures and use of mouth masks in Germany. I needed to get used to this, especially in the beginning.

Luckily, the information I receive from our company is excellent. Additionally, the person responsible for us as drivers is giving frequent updates and our planners are doing whatever they can to support. What’s strange of course is that you don’t actually see them. Most of them are working from home.

In general, this crisis requires us to get used to many more elements than the dynamics at customers and the change in contact with office employees, like the risks posed by persons not following instructions strictly, the end of giving handshakes and the uneasy feeling when you see trucks of other companies standing still. The same applies at home. My partner works in health care, so with me on the road and our children unable to go to school, we’re puzzling in terms of child care; like so many of us do."

But, if you ask me, I believe we’ve passed ‘the corona peak’ and I think we’ve managed rather well so far!
May 26, 2020