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Nurturing employees that reach their full potential

The world around us is changing rapidly and constantly; logistics is no exception. The cultural differences between customers, partners and employees across the globe have always been and are still significant. Additionally, more than ever, the experience of individuals matters, like the feedback captured from customer- and employee surveys. But also the fact that millennials, born and raised in a digital era, have now entered the workspace. This creates many new opportunities, at least, for those companies willing to re-evaluate their current practices. In this dynamic setting, it is vital to reconsider our practices in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) to continue nurturing employees that reach their full potential.

For over 2 years, Ewals Cargo Care has been redesigning our HRM landscape through a program called “Next Generation HRM”. This program positions the professional profile at the centre. Historically, people have been able to move (in certain cases: grow) to positions based on their respective knowledge level. Evaluations were furthermore focused on tasks whereas what’s actually most important is the created output.

The (new) professional profile describes the competences required to take up a certain role. Such a profile based on competences is the starting point for related HRM practices. It gives direction from the onboarding of fitting applicants, to performance evaluations based on KPI’s, related compensation models and training programs, to the company culture in the widest sense.

On the road to our Next Generation HRM scenery, many steps have already been taken. One specific example is the Next Generation Leadership Program that has been developed with our strategic partner “VIA Academy”. VIA Academy is specialised in personal and professional development for people active within supply chains and logistics. The leadership program sets Ewals’ leadership standard. It starts with a baseline measurement (incl. assessments and an intake conversation) and continues with training sessions on topics like next generation leadership, motivation, change agility and generation gaps. The program finalises after 1 year with a 360° feedback assessment and an individual conversation about the progress and further development opportunities. A first group of Ewals leaders successfully completed the program and many more are still to follow!

July 30, 2020