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General Conditions

General conditions of Sales for logistic services

The Logistics Services Conditions (LSC 2014), as filed on April 2, 2014, apply to all our activities (including loading, stowage and unloading explicitly contracted to by us) and legal relationships, with deletion of the last sentence of Art. 6 paragraph 5 LSC 2014, and with the exception mentioned below.

To freight forwarding services, as well as to customs and tax services, the Dutch Forwarding Conditions of Fenex, filed on July 1, 2004, apply, with the exception of Art. 18, 19 and 23, which are replaced by Art. 12 paragraph 3, 13 and 14 (arbitration clause, in which the words "to which these Conditions apply” are deleted) of the LSC 2014. Applicability of clients' conditions is expressly rejected.

The LSC 2014 and the Dutch Forwarding Conditions are available here:

Logistics Services Conditions (English)

Logistieke Service Voorwaarden (Dutch) 

Dutch Forwarding Condition (English)

Nederlandse Expeditievoorwaarden (Dutch)

Fuel clause

General Purchase Conditions

To all our purchase transactions, the Ewals Cargo Care Purchase conditions are exclusively applicable, which are deposited at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 12025683.  

These purchase conditions are available here: 

Purchase Conditions

Code of Ethics Ewals Group

Code of Ethics Ewals Group

Laws & Regulations

International transport by road: CMR Treaty 
National transport by road: AVC
Warehousing: PD Conditions
Expedition: Fenex conditions EN NL FR DE
Transport by rail: CIM / COTIF
Transport by sea: Hague Visby rules EN NL FR DE
Transport by air: Montreal convention
Late payments: Directive 2011/7/ EU combating late payments in commercial transactions