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Ewals Cargo Care takes innovative application Pulse into use

On the 2nd of November the new applications Pulse Business and Pulse Finance went live for Interzuid, one of the sister companies of Ewals Cargo Care. The applications will enable a more efficient way of working together, while also giving a better overview. After an intensive preparation and development phase Pulse (internally branded Globis software) is live! It’s time for a conversation with Marco Robbers (Site Manager Interzuid), about his initial experiences and expectations.

When did you first hear of Pulse?
“We became involved with the development of Pulse very early on. About two years ago we were asked to give our input for the new applications. What would we like to see? Which opportunities would we like to take advantage of? How can we make an application that has benefits for our clients? These were all questions we formulated and answered during our ‘out of the box’ brainstorm sessions. Of course, back then we did not know that Interzuid would be first to work with Pulse, but we have been able to present our list of requirements at an early stage.”

What was your first reaction when you heard that Interzuid was Ewals’ first branch to work with Pulse?
“Great! We looked at it as an opportunity to work with Pulse as a team. Everyone was enthusiastic, right from the start. We liked being a forerunner in this project and the entire team really went for it. I also think it is a wise decision. Interzuid goes through the whole process from A to Z, from the quotation to the invoice phase. That is why we are in a position to give decent feedback. The fact that we are based ‘in-house’ in Tegelen (NL) also makes it easier to support us.”

What are your thoughts on the Go-live?
“This Go-live has been carefully prepared by the project team and I have a lot of faith in the support we are receiving. With this Go-live we can finally see if the things we thought of really work the way we want them to. Because of the short and easy communication lines with our support team, I am convinced we can make Pulse a great success. Pulse is carried by all the employees. We celebrate successes together and we face challenges together. The energy and effort they showed day after day is of the utmost importance in order to make Pulse a success. And that is what we all strive for. We also want to thank Ewals Cargo Care for the opportunity to be the pilot for this milestone. And a very big thank you to everyone involved with Pulse for their effort and support. They worked so hard to help us get where we are now.”

Which benefits of Pulse can the people look forward to the most?
“Efficiency and a better overview. Because we will be able to work more efficiently, this benefits Interzuid as well as our customers and partners. We will also get a better overview of the whole process. Business will be more synchronized and our reporting will be more transparent. This way we can manage developments and opportunities even better. And ultimately everyone benefits.”

Interzuid will be the first branch of Ewals Cargo Care to use Pulse. Pulse will be carefully implemented in other departments and offices of Ewals cargo Care. Our goal is to optimize our way of working together, with one system for everybody.

5 november 2020