Why drive for Ewals Cargo Care?

  • Attractive rates
  • Timely payment
  • Fuel and toll cards
  • Insurances
  • Trucks financing
  • Truck maintenance support and breakdown service
  • Driver training


Subcontractor Management

  • Ewals Cargo Care contact person in your own language (BG, RO, PL, SK, CZ, EN)
  • Support in the event of unforeseen difficulties all over Europe
  • Year-round fixed work
  • Planning fully complies with driving and resting laws and regulations
  • Planning fully complies with cabotage and multimodal laws and regulations
  • Trucking Planning in your native language via Ewals Cargo Care Truck Planner
  • Truck Planning is operational 24/7
  • Installation of Transics Board Computer via Ewals Cargo Care