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Driver training programme

Ewals Cargo Care values quality in all aspects. That is why we want the best drivers in the industry. We support you with a thorough training programme, also known as our 6-step approach. After having completed these steps, you know exactly what it takes to be a driver for Ewals Cargo Care.

1 Manual

At the start of your truck driver training programme, you receive a hardcopy trailer manual, to keep with you at all times. It contains practical information such as commonly used logistics terms translated into several languages. The back of the manual contains a sticker serving as proof of being an ‘Ewals certified driver’, issued by an Ewals certified trainer upon completion of your driver training programme. This sticker enables our quality auditors to easily verify whether a driver has completed the necessary training. The Trailer Manual is currently available in seven different languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian & Czech).


2 Driver video

In addition to the hardcopy of the trailer manual, all content is also available on video. This enables you to process this content anywhere you prefer. These videos are available in English (audio) and are subtitled in seven different languages.

Driver instruction videos


3 Live training

Participating in a live training is also part of the programme. This full day of live training covers various elements that include an explanation of the trailer manual, an e-learning module and a Q&A session. At the end of this day, you receive your certificate. During this training day, the Ewals certified trainer uses several tools. These include a load securing kit, a full-size training trailer and a scale model. We are also in the process of testing and implementing virtual reality sessions which can be integrated in our driver training programme.


4 Driver's knowledge test

It is important for drivers to possess all the knowledge relevant to their profession. You are therefore required to successfully complete the Driver’s Knowledge Test (DKT). This open-book test takes approx. 60 minutes and is completed in our e-learning platform under the supervision of an Ewals Certified Trainer.


5 Mentor driver

To ensure that you obtain the proper experience as a new driver, you will be mentored for two weeks by one of the 20 Ewals mentor drivers. In this period, your mentor driver will accompany you on your journeys to help you fine-tune all elements learned during your training. You will be coached on aspects such as general behaviour & appearance, eco-driving skills, truck handling, trailer handling, load securing, customer procedures, train- & harbour terminal procedures, dealing with administrative documents, and how to communicate effectively and safely use the on-board computer. After these two weeks, the mentor driver will evaluate if you are ready to embark on your individual journeys. If so, you are ready to start your career as an Ewals Cargo Care driver.


6 Follow-up

In order to maintain consistent high quality standards, Ewals Cargo Care believe in continuous learning and follow-up. The annual Review Driver’s Knowledge Test is aimed at testing your skills and knowledge as a driver. Furthermore, Auditors regularly inspect Ewals and subcontractor drivers in train and harbour terminals, following the same criteria as the mentor driver who coached you before. In addition, individual audits called QIV’s (Quality Improvement Visits) focus on individual subcontractors. To provide additional onsite support for drivers and implement proposals for continuous improvements, our Mobile Quality Team is part of our Fleet Control Department.