Driver instructions

Our set of instruction videos help both our own drivers and our partners to comply with the quality standards maintained by Ewals Cargo Care. Before driving from A to B, our drivers need to know their transport ABC’s!

Let's start with an introduction of the Driver Instruction Videos.


Health and safety Instructions

This video course contains seven short videos with Health & Safety instructions.

Health and Safety


Truck handling Instructions

This video course contains eleven short videos with instructions on coupling the trailer, checking your tyres, reversing onto a loading dock and more.

Truck handling


Trailer handling Instructions

Instructions on trailer handling consist of twelve short videos that explain everything about strapping the cargo, lifting the trailer roof, replacing light bulbs and more.

Trailer handling


Harbour instructions

Ewals Cargo Care is a major user of Ro-Ro services, so clear instructions about harbour procedures and activities are of vital importance. These six short videos should steer you in the right direction.