Are you looking for an innovative logistics partner that helps you solve complex challenges? Or a partner that perfectly answers to your needs? Whether you focus on the long or short term, whether your needs are complex or straightforward, Ewals Cargo Care delivers innovative logistic products that help you to excel. With over a 100 years of experience, we take pride in having developed a mind-set of co-creation with our customers and partners that results in a continuously developing high-end product portfolio.

Smartly moving your cargo through Europe

Gain access to a vast European Multimodal Network, that optimally manages your cargo and optimises your goods flows.

Multimodal Network

Launch of a new rail connection 

The new rail connection between Perpignan and Saarbrücken is an important link in Ewals Cargo Care’s Multimodal Network, as it connects Central Europe and North-eastern Spain. This new rail connection offers rail services with a shuttle system for the craneable Ewals Mega Huckepack trailers.

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Transporting more safely & securely

The innovative and multimodal Mega Huckepack XLS offers your cargo the protection it needs.

Mega Huckepack XLS

Ideal solution for rail transport

The Mega Huckepack XLS trailer is fully qualified and approved by railway authority VIIA as an effective solution for transporting cargo with a tendency to bulge.

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'New demands on health and safety are changing the supply chain'

Bas van Lieshout shares some interesting thoughts on how health & safety regulations are changing the supply chain.


Your advanced Lead Logistic Provider

From supply chain design to sourcing, planning and business intelligence. Our Control Tower takes the lead for you.

Control Tower

your single point of contact

Our modular Control Tower product portfolio consists of centrally organised and standardised processes for you and your supply chain relations.

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Flexible warehousing made easy

Flexible and temporary capacity on demand, Warehouse on Wheels is set-up at your yard or close to your facility.

Warehouse on Wheels

Warehouse on Wheels at VDL 

VDL Nedcar and Ewals Cargo Care co-created a Warehouse on Wheels process. Since starting our collaboration in 1992, we have developed a cooperation in which we pursue the highest standards in the industry, every single day.

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Reducing your lead time

Reduce your unused inventory costs and road time with Fast Freight, thus reducing your risks.

Fast Freight

Product news & stories

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Duo Trailer: Join the movement

Ewals Cargo Care introduced the Duo trailer movement at the Transport Logistic fair in Munich. The Duo trailer is a combination of one truck towing two trailers of 13,6 meters, linked by a “dolly”.

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New Ewals Jumbo Road Train XLS: Unique in Europe

The new Jumbo Road Train XLS - our latest product innovation in terms of equipment - is currently unique in Europe.

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Launch of our Mobile Quality team

After an innovation research study Ewals Cargo Care noticed that many customers have a need to further improve their logistic processes and has therefore established a Mobile Quality Team.